Developer Services

Developer Services

Condominium Management Services

Proactive Management is highly experienced condominium management services and practices to work in all that we do. Our professional knowledge of the condominium industry provides you with sincerity, consistency, and security your growth deserves.

Leveraging vase expertise, we offer highly customized condominium management plans to accommodate needs of your project. Utilizing our key resources & services allows your team to operate more efficiently, therefore reducing production time and remaining within the projected plan and budget.

Your communities deserve a pioneer partner with a results-oriented approach who understands your expectation and will take the initiative. From the pre-management planning stages and beyond, we will turn your vision into reality.

Pre-management and forward planning stage


Monitor the complete set up of the Condominium Corporation’s operations prior to first closings.

Service Contracts

As required, staff the building and arrange contract services or maintenance agreements from local recommended suppliers.

First Year Budget

Prepare the Declarant proposed first fiscal year budget including reserve fund contributions

New Owners

Work with sales team and will provide orientation and information for new Owners


Develop customized Operating Procedures and Annual Maintenance Plans and present it to the first turnover Board of Directors.


Assist in promoting the development and project through our network of clients and contractors.

Governing Documents

Review all governing documents: Disclosure Statement, Cost Sharing Agreements, By-laws, Condominium Plans and Building Manuals and provide recommendations to allow for more successful management practices.


Assist with the Tarion and Performance Audit process in the first year of operation by educating the first turnover Board of Directors and protecting the declarants interests by setting realistic expectations for warrantable repairs.

Why Partner With Us

Proactive Management is a full-service management company with a single vision – to be the most reliable and trusted name and specialized in condominium management. We make every effort to give our clients the trust and security that comes from dealing with one of the largest and most respected condo management firms in Ontario.
Our best efforts and executing the highest benchmarks, specialised condominium and property management has helped to fulfill our promise. Our commitment to business process that promote outstanding service, innovation, diversity, creativity, honesty and integrity for all of our customers.
Proactive Management is a collection of highly experience, property administrators and accounting administrators who share this vision, philosophy & promise. It is by proposing our experience and integrity that we will build a trusting relationship with clients who value professional condominium management..

Pre-management and forward planning stage


The pertinent trigger dates to ensure a timely turnover of the Condominium Corporation to new owners.


and comment on pre- registration invoices with your accountant’s assistanceand comment on pre- registration invoices with your accountant’s assistance.


Provide comprehensive accounting support using the must current condominium accounting software, set up by our in-house accounting team..


Work with you in a partnership, providing regular and on going communication after transition.

Contact us us today to assist you with understanding your vision.